Image by Zoomworks Photography-Athens, GA

Image by Zoomworks Photography-Athens, GA



I am a photographer and writer with a love for writing and details. Drawing from my background in event planning, project management, and floral design, I love to  work with clients to provide imagery and words that capture the true essence of a story. 


Through photography, I believe you can capture moments in time. One of my favorite things about photography is capturing the moments that we sometimes miss in life. I am inspired by light, composition, the everyday, and the ordinary. With life moving so fast, I focus on capturing simplistic beauty, intimate interactions, and subtle distinctions of people, product, or surroundings.


It takes many elements to come together to tell the story of product or brand. I believe in a minimalistic writing style that highlights individual characteristics. A lover of neutral ideas mixed with bursts of imagery, I strive to create a balance within each story that showcases the mood and the idea beautifully. Some pieces call for precision, while others call for orderly chaos. The beauty is in the balance.